Tax free shopping starts April 1

Have you been eyeing that new pair of shoes, but haven’t boughtthem because money is tight?

Wait until April 1, when clothing and footwear under $55 peritem will be exempt from sales tax.

The exemption will last until March 31, 2012, and it brings asigh of relief to some shoppers in this economy.

It’s great! said Dyker Heights resident Shawn Ramirez. Icould use a tax break on clothing.

Ramirez budgets her spending carefully, having all the expensesthe average American has, as well as a job that keeps her travelingaround the globe.

I have to travel constantly for work, so less money spent onsomething that I need is more than welcomed, Ramirez said. Canthey make this forever? she quipped.

Her mother, Helen Hsu, mirrored her enthusiasm.

Any break that I can get with these hard times is great, saidHsu.

Assemblymember William Colton agrees this tax break will helpthe economy.

The exemption will re-energize our economy and keep moredollars in taxpayers’ pockets at a time when it’s most critical,said Colton. While this is sure to be a help for New York,particularly our communities that border New Jersey andPennsylvania, we have more work to do if we are to put the stateback on the road to prosperity. That’s why I’ll continue exploringways to ease the burden on hardworking taxpayers and clear a pathfor businesses to flourish.

Some members of the community agree.

Well, it’s simple economics if you ask me. New York, being oneof the most popular shopping cities in the world, will profit fromno sales tax because if shoppers know they are saving they willspend more, said Michael Corbin of Bensonhurst. There’s somethingreally unique about the [New York City] shopper – when an item is$29 and they no longer have to figure [the taxes] they end upbuying two items for the same price – seems less daunting.

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