Brooklyn Botanical Bandits still at large

For the all-volunteer staff of the Narrows Botanical Garden, nonews is bad news.

The gardeners at New York City’s largest community garden are stillawaiting a break in the case of three apparently connectedrobberies within the last two months.

According to landscape designer Jimmy Johnson, the theft ofthousands of dollars in rare plants and planting equipment has leftthe staff feeling deflated.

With volunteers, there’s only so much pelting they can take,Johnson said.

He remains convinced that this was the work of landscapingprofessionals, and points out that the fact the bandits jumped thefence, makes it unlikely they are middle aged.

No one over 40 is hopping the fence, Johnson said. These arepeople that have robbed before. It isn’t their first time at therodeo.

The Narrows staff is calling on the police to increase surveillanceof the garden. Anyone with information is encouraged to call917-865-6422.

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