Kenny Vance brings unplugged show to Staten Island

Theconcept came to event organizer Norman Wasserman while he wassleeping. That’s where the founder of Friend Entertainment says hegets his best ideas.

When he woke up, he scribbled down the words Kenny VanceUnplugged– a pairing of the now-defunct MTV program with aperformer who had his greatest commercial success in the daysbefore music television. But the juxtaposition of generationsdidn’t seem to bother Vance one bit.

I approached Kenny with the idea and he loved it, Wassermanrecalled.

Six years later, the nighttime brainstorm is still paying off.On Sunday, June 12, Vance — best known for hits like This MagicMoment and Come A Little Bit Closer, scored during his time withthe seminal 1960s pop group Jay and The Americans — will appearwith his own band, The Planotones, at Snug Harbor on Staten Island.The show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $40.

For Wasserman, the esteemed musician was the perfect fit for theshow he had envisioned: a three hour extravaganza incorporating themusician’s own storied history, his versions of other classic songsand even questions from the crowd.

Kenny’s forte is doing everybody’s songs his way, Wassermanexplained.

Kenny’s forte is doing everybody’s songs his way

Additionally, the fans the veteran performer amassed over theyears have a dedication that impressed the promoter. While he isused to dealing with longtime fans that show up every month or soto support an artist, in Vance’s case, he says, they show up everytime.

Maybe it has something to do with his music’s staying power, theJay and the Americans back catalog — a catalog that includes onesong Wasserman admits he can’t resist belting out when it come overthe speakers.

‘This Magic Moment’– I always find myself singing to it and Ican’t sing a note, he said.

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