Man threatens to jump off of Bay Ridge building

Adrama unfolded Thursday, June 9,at 95th Street where a policesource and witnesses said authorities had responded to anemotionally disturbed person who was allegedly trying to jump fromhis apartment.

Olga Charnoluski was at the scene and said that she is a friendof the man. She said that the man is a Russian musician whorecently divorced and became depressed.

Cops lined the block, stopping residents from going into theirhouses or using the street to access the R train station on FourthAvenue.

Ambulances and EMTs were on hand and there were police carsparked at both entrances to the street.

In the middle of the block, authorities had set up a largeballoon-like air mattress. Witnesses at the scene speculated thatit was in case the man jumped.

Residents living on the block said that the cops arrived infront of 361 95th street at about noon.

Chris S. lives in the building and was coming home from workwhen he was denied access to his apartment by cops. I like tothink when you go home, you’re safe, he said. It’s not a goodthing when you have people living in your building and the policehave to be called upon.

The NYPD declined to comment on the ongoing situation.

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