CULTURE BRIEFS, Week of July 7


Anyone interested in New York City’s maritime history will be infor a sailor’s delight on Thursday, July 21, when the short filmShowboats in New York Harbor is shown alongside the 1914 vessel,the Lehigh Valley Barge and the 1907 Tugboat, Pegasus at Pier 6 inBrooklyn Bridge Park. Tours of the ships — which will be docked atthe pier from July 14 to 26 to celebrate Tug and Barge Week — willbe offered between 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. The film, which depictsshowboat performer Betty Bryant, will be shown at 7 p.m. Specialguests Norman Brouwer, a maritime historian, and Captain TomMcGuire will also be on hand to share their knowledge of seavessels with the crowd. Visit for moreinformation.


As you wander through one of Brooklyn’s many parks this summer,foraging for food may be the last thing on your mind (unless youcount buying a hot dog as foraging). But according to BrooklynBotanic Garden instructor, Leda Meredith, you are letting adelicious opportunity go to waste. The author of The Locavore’sHandbook: The Busy Person’s Guide to Eating Local on a Budgetclaims the park features a plethora of edible delights. OnSaturday, July 23, Meredith will lead a tour through Prospect Parkto demonstrate exactly which wild plants and mushrooms are safe andedible. The tour will run from 9:45 to noon, and will start at theGrand Army Plaza entrance to the park. Tickets are $25. Registeronline at:


You may think you’ve gone down the rabbit hole when ThroughThe Looking Glass, Zach Morris and Tom Pearson’s staging of theLewis Carroll children’s classic, Alice in Wonderland, comes to theBrooklyn Children’s Museum on July 22. The multimedia,site-specific dance performance promises to offer a fresh take on awell-loved story. The piece is fresh from several days ofperformances in Los Angeles, but Morris and Pearson’s BessieAward-winning performance company Third Rail Projects is based outof New York City. Admission is $7.50. The Brooklyn Children’sMuseum is located at 145 Brooklyn Avenue. Find out more


It may be happening on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, but there are nomonster trucks at this truck rally. Every third Sunday between nowand October the Prospect Park Alliance in partnership with the NYCFood Truck Association brings some of the city’s best food vendorstogether for the Food Truck Rally. On July 17, all-star vendorssuch as the Red Hook Lobster Pound, the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck andVanleeuwen Ice Cream will be on hand to do what they do best.Gentlemen, start your digestion. The Food Truck Rally takes placein Grand Army Plaza from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more details, go

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