First responders softball competition hits the right pitch

Police and the military personnel share the common task ofprotecting the public, at home and abroad. But although theagencies may share a similar purpose, they rarely get theopportunity to come together for a common goal. It’s even rarerthat the goal is to have fun.

But that was before Fort Hamilton hosted the First Annual FirstResponders Picnic and Softball Competition on July 14. Four teamsparticipated in the tournament, including Fort Hamilton’s ownlineup, a group of marines from Floyd Bennett Field and two policeteams – one from the 68th Precinct and one from Brooklyn South. Inthe end, Brooklyn South was victorious, taking the final gameagainst Fort Hamilton, 16-10 and taking home the trophy.

However, according to Police Officer Anthony Curran of the 68thPrecinct’s community affairs unit, everyone was a winner.

It was a day of fun and very friendly competition, Curransaid. There were no losers.

Fort Hamilton spokesperson, Bruce Hill agrees.

It was great sportsmanship, great fun and we hope to do itbigger and better next year, Hill said.

Numerous high ranking military and police officers were found atthe event, including the new commander of the 68th precinct,Captain Richard DiBlasio, and the precinct’s former commander,Deputy Inspector Eric Rodriguez, now the commanding officer of the70th Precinct in Flatbush.

The teams played seven games that day, each lasting seveninnings. For Curran, who came out for the event during hisvacation, the day wasn’t only a great success, but an excellent dayto unwind for everybody.

The bigger picture is, they’re protecting us here and overseas,we’re protecting the people of Bay Ridge, Curran said. But it’sfun to put that aside for a day and just play some softball.

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