Kitten rescued on Verrazano Bridge

One lucky kitten used up one of its nine lives on June 6 when anAnimal Care and Control officer rescued a tiny charcoal felineflung out of a car window on the Verrazano Bridge.

En route to the Staten Island Care Center, the officer safelystopped his vehicle – and aided by a group of truck drivers whoblocked off traffic – he saved the kitten who was perched at theedge of the bridge. The officer brought the kitten to the carecenter, where staff checked him over for injuries andaffectionately named him Verrazano.

It is unthinkable that someone could do something so heartlessand cruel to an animal, said Julie Bank, the executive director ofAC&C. If AC&C wasn’t crossing the bridge at that time, whoknows what may have happened to Verrazano.

Jude Lassow, a local pet activist and the director of Muffin’sPet Connection, is devastated that anyone would recklessly harm ananimal, and hopes that the person responsible for throwing thekitten out of the car window will be brought to justice.

I was horrified about what happened to the kitty. Thank God thecat was saved, Lassow said. It is against the law to harmanimals, punishable by jail time and fines. This person should alsohave to do a year’s community service at the shelter cleaning outlitter pans…and should be banned forever from getting a pet.

To share information on the incident, or to inquire aboutadopting the kitten, email AC&C at

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