Kudos to young players of the PYO baseball league

The boys and girls of the Parkville Youth Organization (PYO)baseball league gathered on the diamond one last time this year,but instead of running the bases and swinging bats, they met tocelebrate the end of another season with an awards ceremony.

Families, friends, league members and public officials came tohonor the children at the reception and barbecue at the PYOathletic complex on 65th Street on July 17.

Leagues like this keep parents in Brooklyn, gets the kids toreally come out here and have fun, it allows the coaches to giveback to the community and it really brings a sense of excitement,said Carlo Scissura, chief of staff to Borough President MartyMarkowitz. I can’t stress enough how important this is forBrooklyn.

After another completed year of sliding in dirt to beat the playand catching sky high pop-ups to end the inning, the over 200 kidsregistered in the league each received a golden-figure toppedtrophy for their efforts and some earned special awards such as theMVP, Batting Champ, Golden Glove and Coaches Choice awards.

PYO President and Baseball Commissioner Skip Durante said thetrophies are a reward for the kids for a good season. We judge bythe difference between the kids when they first come on the fieldand what they look like the last couple of games they play. Withthat as a barometer, we had a great year.

Looking forward to next year, Robert Cavaliere, PYO executivedirector of public relations, said, We’re going to be doingpracticing here on the field and we’re going to try to bring insome experts to teach the coaches so that the coaches can teach thekids. Hopefully we’re going to implement those ideas next year andwere going to have a better program.

Take a look at more photos from the awardceremonyshow here.

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