Society of Old Brooklynites celebrates 131 years

The Society of Old Brooklynites has had its fair share ofinfluential members in their 131-year history, poet Walt Whitman,father of baseball Henry Chadwick and three former New York Citymayors.

On June 26, the organization’s current constituents gathered tocommemorate the anniversary of the society’s creation, whichhappened while Brooklyn was still an independent city, and todiscuss current objectives.

The purpose of the organization is to preserve the history ofBrooklyn and the culture of Brooklyn, explained Second VicePresident Ted General.

Borough President Marty Markowitz, honorary chairperson of theboard for the Society of Old Brooklynites was on hand, as he isevery year, to swear in new officers. Markowitz is a lifetimemember.

Also in attendance was famed Brooklyn baseball historian AndrewPaul Mele, who was the keynote speaker at the event. Mele is theauthor of A Brooklyn Dodgers Reader and The Boys of Brooklyn: TheParade Grounds, Brooklyn’s Field of Dreams.

Requirements to join the society are either being born inBrooklyn or having lived here for 25 years. And although one needsto be nominated by a current member, new additions to the societydon’t have to be from the older set.

It’s called the Society of Old Brooklynites, but it’s somewhatof a misnomer, General said. Young people can join theorganization too.

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