Super Roofer remains grounded in the Ridge community

For Bill Boshell, roofing has been such a huge part of his lifefor so long, he can’t even remember what inspired him to join theindustry. But the Bay Ridge native does know why he stuck with it,opening his own business, Super Roofer, in 1979, and officiallybringing on his son, Erik, several years ago.

We’re such a big family with the community, said Boshell, 50, whois an alum of Our Lady of Angels and Fort Hamilton High School.And I love the outdoors, getting to meet new people every day.There’s always a new challenge.

His son Erik agrees, noting that he enjoys getting to be his ownboss. I’ve been on a roof since I was five years old, he said,adding that choosing to join his father in the family business wasnothing talked about; it just happened.

It was after working with another home maintenance business thatBoshell decided that he wanted to set out on his own, focusingsolely on anything and everything to do with roofing – generalmaintenance, repairs, shingling, waterproofing, installation ofskylights, and entire replacements, as when entire roofs were blownoff of their houses in a powerful storm a couple of decadesago.

The fact that they specialize in roofs and have been in thebusiness for decades gives people confidence in their expertise,said Boshell, a faith he says is supported by a clean record[throughout] the thousands of roofs we’ve done. We’re always busyand always available. There’s no job too big or too small.

Looking down at his gray Super Roofer T-shirt, Boshell points to anold Marine Corps slogan, Nobody ever drowned in sweat, which wasoften uttered by fellow Bay Ridgeite Mike Hanson, also known asGrandpa Mike.

Other mantras and safety tips include, You can’t be scared andalways tie the ladder back and make sure it’s adjusted on levelground.

This can-do attitude, as well as the fact that roofing is not anupgrade – it’s a necessity, has been instrumental to Boshell’sability to stay successful and in business despite the strugglingeconomy. In addition to a willingness to throw themselves intoevery job, the Boshells and long-time employee Chris Goldstein,also ascribe to a commitment to the community.

Super Roofer is and will continue to be involved in many Bay Ridgecommunity efforts, including State Senator Marty Golden’s concertsin the parks and the Fifth Avenue Festival Rocco’s pizza eatingcontest, said Boshell, who is also a member of the Ben Bay KiwanisClub and the South Brooklyn Lions Club.

Yeah, we’ll continue the legacy, said Erik. The legacy will liveon.

For a free estimate of your roofing needs, call Super-Roofer at718-833-3508.

Amanda Woods contributed reporting to this article.

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