Aquarium celebrates sea otter arrival anniversary

Icy krill and fish puree was on the menu as the WildlifeConservation Society’s (WCS) New York Aquarium celebrated theanniversary of the arrival of Tazo-a northern sea otter that wasabout three-weeks old when he was stranded and separated from hismother following a storm in Alaska last year.

Tazo was rescued and received treatment in Alaska before beingmoved to his new home in Brooklyn. Now that a year has gone by,Aquarium members celebrated on July 29 with an otter-appropriateparty.

And, that’s not all. Looking ahead, for the many animals likeTazo and those that have suffered from the effects of climatechange and other environmental plagues, the WCS is hosting thefirst-ever Run for the Wild in Brooklyn on Sunday, Oct. 9, to helpcombat this issue and benefit other sea life.

To register for the run or get more information, visit

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