NYC Parks wheels in the fun

Kids ran and played, screamed and jumped, and enjoyied toys andarts and craft when the New York City Department of Parks andRecreation brought a Playmobile loaded with toys to Shore Road Parkon Thursday, August 11.

Since July 1, members of the city Parks Department’s recreationdivision have been traveling to various parks and play spacesaround the city to deliver the likes of Belly Bumpers, hula hoops,Sit N’ Bounce balls, knock hockey and giant Jenga to eager kids fora couple of hours of free fun, so they can help the youngstersenjoy the parks, said Lynn McEvoy, a Brooklyn mobile unitcoordinator.

McEvoy was in charge of the Playmobile at Shore Road Park andsaid, The kids get to do something other than climb on the monkeybars and run through the sprinklers. They get to interact. They’reactually moving.

We want our kids to become more physically fit, she added.

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