Serving up nostalgia with a twist

A new take on traditional Jewish deli-style food – once as easyto find in Brooklyn as pizza is now — is what entrepreneurs TedMann and Michael Esposito promised to bring to Bay Ridge with thebrand-new Gold Coast Delicatessen.

On July 28, Borough President Marty Markowitz, wielding a pair ofoversized scissors, led the ceremonial red ribbon cutting at theeatery, at 86th Street and Third Avenue, and presented its ownerswith a proclamation marking the opening of a type of restaurantthat the borough boss believes is an endangered species.

It’s got to be one of the first Jewish style delis that’s openedin Brooklyn in many, many years, said Markowitz adding, BecauseBrooklyn right now basically has only three delicatessens, thisbecomes the fourth. So I’m very happy about that.

He was also delighted that the restaurant owners named a sandwichin his honor – a towering creation which features pastrami, cornedbeef, turkey and coleslaw on rye bread.

The new deli is the business owners’ 10th establishment inBrooklyn, but it differs from its siblings in that the deli bringsa piece of old Brooklyn back to life.

The menu serves up old New York classics, everything from pastramiand meatball sandwiches to kasha varnishkes and beef hot dogs, in a70-seat emporium decorated with old school subway tiled walls,black-and-white tiled floors and vintage communal tables with aglass-enclosed porch.

My partner Mike and I thought there was something missing in theneighborhood, said Mann. We definitely wanted it to feel betterthan the average delicatessen– a place where you could have yoursandwich or come back at night and have one of our entrees and aglass of wine.

He added, I think it’s going to be a great thing for BayRidge.

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