9/11 REMEMBERED: Stephen Siller Foundation Holds a 9/11 Fundraising Concert and Run

An organization that has raised money for children whose parentshave died and for fire burn victims, in memory of a firefighter whodied responding to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, hasbranched out to aid Marines who were grievously wounded in thecourse of duty.

The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation – which sponsorsan annual run that replicates the route that Siller took when helearned that the World Trade Center had been attacked, in order toprovide assistance at the scene – will be holding a 9/11 10thanniversary fundraising concert, A Tribute to Our Heroes, whosepurpose is to raise enough money to build new customized homes forquadruple amputees Corporal Todd Nicely and Sergeant John Peck ofthe United States Marine Corps.

The concert, which will be held on September 9, at theSt. George Theater in Staten Island at 8:00 p.m., will bemuch more than a concert. It will be a celebration of all those whowere lost on 9/11 and those who protect us now, each day, saidFrank Siller, chairperson of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

Performers will include the New York Tenors’ Daniel Rodriguez,Andy Cooney and Michael Amante, as well as John Ondrasik from Fivefor Fighting. Special guests will include Rudy Giuliani, GarySinise, John Turturro, Access Hollywood host Tony Potts and Q104.3radio host Ken Dashow. After the show, there will be a candlelighting ceremony in honor of 9/11 victims by the Edge Memorial onthe St. George Esplanade.

We are committed to raising money for the men and women whosacrifice so much for us and our country, especially people likeCorporal Todd Nicely and Sergeant John Peck, stressed Siller.

The cost of tickets to the concert is $75 up. They can bepurchased through the St. George Theatre Box Office or atwww.ticketmaster.com.

Nicely and Peck are the first two men to have survived afterlosing both legs and arms. Nicely was injured while serving inAfghanistan in March, 2009, when he stepped on a pressure platewhile commanding 12 men on foot patrol. Peck stepped on animprovised explosive device on May 24 that cost him his legs andright arm. During surgery, doctors were forced to take hisremaining arm. This happened just two years after he tore the rightfront lobe of his brain when his vehicle ran over an improvisedexplosive device. Peck is a two-time Purple Heart recipient.

The Stephen Siller Tower to Tunnel run will be held,this year, on September 25, 2011 beginning at 9:30 a.m.Approximately 25,000 people are expected to participate; in itsfirst year, 3,000 runners followed Siller’s route from the BatteryTunnel to the Twin Towers.

We’ve been moved by the kindness of friends and by those whohave chosen to become part of his story, said Russell Siller,Stephen’s older brother. So many people are helping us along theway, offering us untold amounts of emotional and financialsupport.

For more information about the run or the concert, visit theTunnel to Towers Foundation’s website atwww.tunneltotowersrun.org.

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