GUEST OP-ED: Challenge across the aisle

I am officially throwing down the gauntlet! For too long, thiscommunity been divided. For too long, this community been torn. Fortoo long, every resident of our great community has lost sleeplooking for the answer to the following question: Who bestrepresents Bay Ridge in sporting and athleticism?

That’s why my colleague Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakisapproached me to join her, and we officially challenged our friendsacross the aisle, Assemblymember Alec Brook-Krasny andCouncilmember Vincent Gentile, to a ping pong match to decide, onceand for all, who is the best of the best of the best of BayRidge.

And they accepted.

This star-studded event will take place this Sunday at the ThirdAvenue Festival, on the corner of 80th Street and Third Avenue at 4p.m.

My colleagues from the Democratic party are still smarting overtheir tug-of-war loss at the Bay Ridge Community Council picnic, soit’s only fair that they are given a chance to redeem themselves.It must be hard for them to know that an elder statesman such asmyself beat them handedly in the previous competition, so I thinkit’s time to raise the stakes.

This week I attended the grand opening of St. Germain, a Frenchrestaurant on Third Avenue. Although technically a bistro, I callit a restaurant because I’m Irish. I therefore call for thefollowing terms: In addition to the eternal glory of victory infront of the thousands that will attend this match at the ThirdAvenue Festival, I propose that the losers of this event facefurther humiliation by purchasing lunch for the winners at St.Germain.

I look forward to their response. After all, what better way toshowcase the pride we all have in Third Avenue, than to have theelected representatives of this community come together tocelebrate the opening of a new business?

All kidding aside, the Third Avenue Festival is celebrating its38th year this Sunday. This is our opportunity to showcase what isthe best about our community, including its restaurants.

While this Sunday is a great time to bring the stores to thestreets, it’s important to remember that we need to keep shoppingon Third Avenue. We keep our community alive by frequenting itsstores, restaurants, and bistros, and I call on all of ourresidents, and those who love our community, to remember to shoplocal, and help keep our community a great place to live, to work,and to raise a family.

See you at the festival!

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