Kruzing towards a cure for autism

Lifetime Bay Ridge resident Chris Beeson understands thedifficulty of having a child with autism. The eldest of five boys,Beeson — the founder of East Coast Kruzers Auto Association –played a major role in raising his autistic brother, And nowengages in fundraising to fight the disease through hisorganization.

The most recent effort was on September 4, as the East CoastKruzers held a Family Picnic Bash to Benefit Finding a Cure forAutism in Owl’s Head Park. The organization raised more than $800for the charity Autism Speaks, but Beeson says it’s only one waythat they hope to serve their neighborhood.

We thrive on giving back, he said. If we can help, we’rethere.

And local leaders like State Senator Marty Golden – a majorsponsor of the September 4 event – have taken notice.

I continue to be impressed by the charitable work the [Kruzersdo] to support our community, Golden said.

The event also marked the 10-year anniversary of theorganization — one that Beeson says has a deep interest in whatgoes on locally.

It’s a group of guys that are car enthusiasts – family orientedand community-fueled, he explained. Anything going on in thecommunity, we want to be a part of it. We want to give back to thecommunity around us.

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