RIDGE NIGHTLIFE AND DINING: Making strides and taking steps

This October, we celebrate National Breast Cancer AwarenessMonth and, across the nation, people are pledging support for thecause. Breast cancer is a disease which plagues hundreds ofthousands of Americans each year.

According to recent data, breast cancer accounts for one ofevery three cancer diagnoses in women in the United States. In2011, there have already been an estimated 230,480 new casesdiagnosed among women alone, and numbers are still climbing.

Organizations like Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the NationalBreast Cancer Foundation continue to fight tirelessly to fundresearch and raise awareness about the disease. Here in Brooklyn,where it seems everyone has at least one friend or loved one whohas been affected by the disease, this month has specialsignificance.

On Saturday, Lonestar Bar and Grill held a special fundraiser tobenefit vital breast cancer research. The benefit raised thousandsof dollars for the cause, as a packed crowd turned out to dance thenight away.

The following morning, Lonestar sponsored a team led by co-ownerand breast cancer survivor Tracy, as they walked in the MakingStrides Against Breast Cancer Walk. The hometown team representedwomen everywhere who refuse to let the disease get the best ofthem. Together with thousands from all over the city, the teampromoted early detection and taking one step closer to a cure.

The benefit and walk were only two of countless events takingplace around the borough, this month. In the same spirit, the girlsat Exotic Curves Pole Fitness Studio will hold a Zumba-thon to helpraise money for the cause.

The event will take place on Sunday, October 23, at 11 a.m. andparticipants will dance for three hours in the name of finding acure. There is a $15 suggested donation for the event, which willinclude light refreshments.

ECP’s favorite instructors will be there, raffling off giftcertificates and other special prizes. One does not have to be amember of the fitness studio to participate in the event and youcan reserve a spot by calling 347-560-6717. Tons of local residentshave already signed up for the event and spots are filling upfast.

Even if you are lucky enough not to be personally affected bythe disease, this month has tons of opportunities to lend a handand fight the disease. Join the cause, in support of your braveneighbors!

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