MJHS patients help launch high-tech road to recovery

Metropolitan Jewish Health System (MJHS) patients recentlyhelped unveil and demonstrate how new state-of-the-artrehabilitation therapy equipment puts them on the road torecovery.

Thanks to funding secured by Assemblymember Steven Cymbrowitz,Menorah Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care has expanded itsalready high-tech rehab program for patients who are recoveringfrom hip or knee replacement surgery, stroke, spinal cord injury orany other orthopedic or neurological condition that affects theability to walk safely.

What matters most to me is that the MJHS Road to Recovery programhelps patients regain the skills and confidence needed to return totheir homes and communities safely, said Cymbrowitz. I’m proudthat the new equipment paves the way for more patients to receiveone of Brooklyn’s best, and most compassionate, high-techrehabilitation therapies.

Todd Ostrow, MJHS Director of Rehabilitation for Menorah andShorefront Centers for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care, said, Now,our talented therapists can create even more comprehensive,personalized high-tech programs that meet each patient’s uniquerecovery goals.

The new, high-tech Road to Recovery equipment is as follows:

•Biodex Balance System-Improves balance, increases agility,develops muscle tone and helps patients learn how to reduce therisk of falling;

•Biodex Trainer-Promotes strength and endurance through an advancedexercise machine;

•Electronic Parallel Bars-Aids the ability to stand and walk withcustomized bars that adjust for each patient, making every stridefeel natural;

•Lite Gait-Allows patients recovering from a diagnosis thatrestricts ambulation to remain upright, while limiting thepercentage of body weight supported by a patient’s own muscularstructure;

•Omnicycle-Provides passive, active and resistive exercises for theupper and lower body, regardless of diagnosis; and,

• Traffic Light-Helps improve judgment and confidence in streetcrossing.

For more information, visit www.mjhs.org or call1-855-692-5058.

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