Veterans Day celebrated at Fort Hamilton

On November 10 — the eve of Veterans Day — a crowd of a couplehundred police, politicians and local residents gathered at theU.S. Army Garrison at Fort Hamilton to show their support for themilitary men and women of our nation’s past and present.

The ceremony featured remarks by Colonel Michael Gould,commander of the fort, along with speeches from soldiers of WorldWar II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

We were honored to have so many veterans and community membersattend our

Veteran’s Day ceremony, Gould said. Our ceremony was just asmall token of how much appreciation we have for veterans from allconflicts, past and present. They deserve our respect andadmiration.

Guest speaker Carlo Scissura, a senior adviser to BoroughPresident Marty Markowitz, has been attending the annual ceremonysince the 1990s. This year he was struck more than ever by theprofound need to protect our enlisted soldiers returning fromcombat through services like job placement and housing.

When these service members come home, we really need to bevigilant in their care and be vigilant in that we don’t know whatthey went through in service and in combat, he said.

Scissura says the average citizen should also remain vigilant inremembering those fighting for us in the present moment.

We have to be mindful that we are at war, Scissura said.There are men and women protecting us. And while we may not feelit in our daily lives, we should reflect on it every day -especially on a day like this.

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