Hazmat situation at Angel Guardian

A white powdery substance was sent to an administrator at theAngel Guardian Home orphanage at 6301 12th Avenue, and was openedjust after noon on Friday, December 9, triggering a massiveresponse from local and city emergency response teams, includingHazmat – short for hazardous materials – units.

According to a police source at the scene, the substance waseventually determined to be non-lethal, but for hours on Fridayafternoon, the rooms of concern in the orphanage were sealed to anynon-Hazmat workers. No evacuations took place and no injuries werereported.

Personnel from the 68th Precinct, FDNY, Office of EmergencyManagement, Department of Environmental Protection and EmergencyServices Units were all on hand, with numerous vehicles stationedalong 12th Avenue, which was cordoned off with police tape in frontof the home, a Christmas wreath visible above its main door.

The Angel Guardian Home was founded in 1899 by the Sisters ofMercy and is currently part of the MercyFirst networkof agencies.

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