LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Suggestions for Transit

Before the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority fullyimplements plans concerning the removal of trash cans as a way toreduce garbage, they might want to read the Guest Op-Ed Making aDifference on the value of recycling by New York City SanitationCommissioner John J. Doherty.

Perhaps the MTA should consider installing separate cans forrecycling newspapers, plastic and glass along with regular garbage.Selling advertising on side of cans could generate revenues to helpcover the costs of more frequent off-peak and late-night collectionand disposal. I’m sure if asked, the Department of Sanitation wouldconsider doing the same on the street adjacent to subway stationentrances.

There are also solutions to deal with waiting for or riding thesubway and having the urge to go. Until the early 1960s, mostsubway stations had clean, safe working bathrooms with toiletpaper. Revenues generated from a 10-cent fee helped cover thecosts.

Why not consider charging a fee between 25 cents and a dollar? Thatwould generate revenues to assign a matron along with coveringsecurity and maintenance costs. This could help provide clean,safe, secure, fully-equipped bathrooms at most of the 465 subwaystations.

Many riders would gladly pay this small price to ensure workingbathrooms rather than face the current unpleasant alternativeswhich contribute to dirty subways.

– Larry Penner

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