It’s home, sweet home for lost pooch

Wednesday, January 11 was Sheba’s lucky day.

The fortunate fido – who had gotten out of her owners’ back yard –was found, leash attached, wandering at Marine and Third Avenues,and brought to the 68th Precinct.

She could have ended up at the pound, but that didn’t happen thanksto the wonders of technology, some quick thinking on the part oflocal cops, and the warmth of Bay Ridge residents.

Captain Richard DiBlasio, the precinct commander, asked IleneSacco, the president of the 68th Precinct Community Council, tosend out an email notification containing pictures of the charmingcanine to everyone on the council’s email notification list, whichis 2,000 strong, letting them know about the lost dog, in hopesthat it would be recognized and its owner traced.

It only took about an hour for the pooch’s owners to be located,DiBlasio continued, despite the fact that, at the time, theyweren’t on the precinct’s email list (their friends were, saw thephoto and recognized the dog).

Numerous people who received the email wanted to help, addedSacco. So many people could relate. They have a dog. They have acat. From my end, I don’t see the results [of the emailnotification system] a lot. In this case, she did. The dog andits owners were reunited. It was a nice, happy ending.

Many of those who got the email forwarded it. Precinct councilmember Mary Quinones recounted that not only had she gotten theinitial notification but two subsequent ones from rescue groupswhose emails she gets, within just a few minutes of the council’semail being sent out.

Communication with the community and a caring community made thedifference, DiBlasio stressed. And, he added, the emailnotification system once again proved its worth. That’s what it’sall about, and it worked.

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