Lighting the way in support of OWS

Despite the freezing cold weather, a group of committedactivists gathered at Fort Hamilton Triangle in support of OccupyWall Street (OWS) on Sunday, January 15.

The event was organized by Peace Action Bay Ridge InterfaithCoalition and Brooklyn Democrats for Change as part of theWorldwide Candlelight Vigil for Unity. The meeting was held inconjunction with Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Kevin Peter Carroll, the Democratic District Leader for theBrooklyn portion of the 60th Assembly District, said, I agree withtheir [OWS] right to protest and assemble. He [Martin Luther KingJr.] was going to protest and march on economic justice [before hewas assassinated].

The president of the Brooklyn Democrats for Change, Janie Groff,put the purpose of the night simply by saying, This is for peaceand economic justice.

The attendees lit candles or held flashlights to symbolize theirsupport for the 99 percent. Bennett Silverstein, of Peace Action,remarked that King had fought for social justice in a non-violentway, as he urged others to do, and that OWS protesters arefollowing this example by engaging in a peaceful protest.

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