Flushing Bank brings new branch to 13th Avenue

There is a new bank on the avenue.

New York-based Flushing Bank has brought its newest branch to4616 13th Avenue. On the evening of January 24, community membersjoined local officials and bank employees at the new location tocelebrate the grand opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

This is the heart of Boro Park right here, so it’s natural weshould be here, said Branch Manager Tom Schaefer, who added,We’re here to serve the community.

Kate Slobodkin, assistant manager at the branch, points out thatalthough there may be an extensive amount of other banks along thenearby stretch of 13th Avenue, Flushing offers something the otherscan’t – the personal touch.

[Customers] can call us and ask any question and we’ll help,Slobodkin said about the advantages of avoiding the automated phonesystems of other banks. It doesn’t take a long time to get ananswer. It’s really quick.

Borough President Marty Markowitz was on hand to offer aproclamation declaring January 24, Flushing Bank Boro Park BranchGrand Opening Day. Other local officials in attendance includedCouncilmembers David Greenfield, Lew Fidler and Brad Lander,Assemblymember Dov Hikind and Brooklyn Director of the Mayor’sCommunity Affairs Unit Andrew Olsen.

We’ve got a lot of banks here, and it’s wonderful to now haveFlushing, Hikind said. This is an amazing community. People workvery hard.

And they look out for each other, according to Schaefer.

Everyone here helps everyone else, he said. I find in BoroPark, if I have a good relationship with one client, that spreadsto 10 others.

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