Illegally parked trucks get the heave-ho

Good riddance!

The commercial vehicles that have been illegally parked on BayParkway near Washington Cemetery have finally been removed, thanksto an effort spearheaded by Councilmember David Greenfield.

This issue of illegal commercial overnight parking in residentialareas has become a major quality of life and health concern formany residents. I’m confident that continued enforcement by theNYPD and Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) as well as achange in signage by the Department of Transportation (DOT) will goa long way towards finally resolving this illegal parkingnuisance, explained Greenfield in a statement. I thank the NYPD,DEP and DOT for responding to the residents’ concerns andinstituting a plan to try and fix the problem.

Residents also complained of air and noise pollution from idlingtrucks and trash left behind by drivers. Late last month, the 66Precinct towed commercial vehicles from that strip of Bay Parkwaythat violated motor vehicle regulations, such as not having properlicense plates or an attached cab.

Phyllis Miccilo, a resident of the Bensonhurst/Mapleton border,said she is glad to see the trucks gone. The cemetery is a specialsite and I am sure there are plenty of people who want to visit.People drive to the cemetery – where are they supposed to park withall of these trucks? she told this paper.

Micillo recalled having trouble maneuvering groceries into her carbecause of all the closely parked large vehicles. Trucks arecommercial and shouldn’t be there, she said. They should beparked in a garage or parking lot.

Greenfield said that DOT will survey the area further to make surethere is proper signage explicitly stating that overnight parkingof commercial vehicles is not allowed.

A DOT spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment as ofpress time.

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