LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Living wage discussion

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, afterprocrastinating for 19 months, finally coming out of the closet insupport of a mushy hybrid living wage bill, reminds me of thecowardly lion from the land of Oz otherwise known as our New YorkCity Council.

As a mayoral candidate, Speaker Quinn attempted to placate bothlabor and the business community while giving both herself andfellow Council members political cover running for public office in2013.

In the meantime, she banked significant campaign contributions fromboth labor unions and business people on the merits of theirrespective positions along with the usual real estate, business,other union, special interests and usual City Hall Pay for Playcrowd. Combined, they now total over $4 million which will be usedto finance her mayoral ambitions.

Both sides are disappointed on the lack of a return on theirrespective investments on this issue. Some may now finally wise upto stop writing checks and consider withholding future endorsementsdue to her unfavorable decision depending upon your point of viewon this issue.

A real manager can make the difficult decisions in a timely manner.Many will start looking for a stronger 2013 mayoral candidate whocan make the difficult decisions necessary to manage a $65 billionbudget municipal budget and 220,000 employees.

Larry Penner

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