LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Unpalatable suggestion

Manhattan State Senator Bill Perkins proposed bill to ban eatingin the subway is personification of the nanny state. Hislegislation would be enforced by police issuing $250 fines to thosecaught chowing down on the subways.

Riders have to deal with those hogging two seats, yawning as if inthe dentist’s chair, and coughing or sneezing without coveringup.

Newsstand vendors provide employment. They count on revenues forsales of snacks and provide the MTA with millions in leaserevenues. New York City and State also count on millions in salestax revenues on vendor sales of snacks. Some people with longsubway rides need to eat on something due to medicalconditions.

There are other ways to fight rats and mice. The MTA shouldconsider installing separate cans for recycling newspapers, plasticand glass along with regular garbage. Selling advertising on theside of cans could generate revenues to help cover the costs ofmore frequent off-peak and late-night collection and disposal. Ifasked, the Department of Sanitation could consider doing the sameon the street adjacent to subway station entrances.

Police have more important tasks to perform by preventing fareevasion, pickpockets, mugging, sexual harassment and other realcrimes against victims rather than give out $250 fines to thosecaught snacking on the subways.

Larry Penner

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