New real estate for agent’s networking events

The Brooklyn Real Estate Board – also known as the Bay RidgeReal Estate Board – was started in 1927 to facilitate networkingand shared knowledge amongst real estate professionals.

On February 1, the organization held its monthly meeting at Cebu,on the corner of 88th Street and Third Avenue, for the firsttime.

According to President Renee Dorsa, changing up the meetinglocation is one way she is hoping to expand the organization’sreach.

We’re just trying to change with the times, Dorsa said. That’swhy we’re trying to be at different locations, to be more receptiveto our [100] members.

The crowd of 25 at Cebu was treated to a presentation from guestspeaker Anthony Mauriello from Mauriello Enterprises, regarding taxpreparedness.

It’s an honor to have been put in this position, to lead anorganization that is nearly a century old and to evolve it into thenew technological era, Dorsa said.

The monthly meetings are an opportunity for the group to shareinformation, network and provide educational opportunities tomembers.

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