A bachelor auction for a difference

It was a whole different type of auction for a good cause, as the Francesco Loccisano Memorial Foundation

Taking the once-in-four-years occasion as a jumping off point, the foundation invited firemen, brokers, teachers and many more eligible bachelors to be auctioned off for the cause, explained Marianne Teta, the event chair, who said that a wide range of age groups participated, “from 23 to 87 years old.”

The evening began with a cocktail party at which the bachelors mingled with the guests who would later be bidding on them. The fun-filled night carried on with socializing, music and dancing.

Love was in the air that night as, Teta explained, “Love connections were made.”

The foundation was formed five years ago by Camille Loccisano, after her teenage son’s death from cancer, to keep his legacy alive and continue his mission. “Francesco wanted to launch a foundation to help other children with cancer when he got better,” Loccisano said, adding that she had promised she would devote herself to achieving his dream.

Nonetheless, as Teta noted, the foundation’s mission, is “very difficult but very rewarding at the same time. Francesco’s desire in Sloan Kettering was to go around the hospital to cheer up the children.”

At the night’s end, the foundation had raised a significant amount of money.

“I am really grateful to everyone, for every person who helps us is a part of my son’s mission,” Loccisano said. “We help families, one by one, and make a difference.”

To support the Francesco Loccisano Memorial Foundation, visit www.FrankiesMission.org.

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