Pawless cat finds purrfect home

A pretty kitty who was born with a birth defect has found a new home in the arms of an animal lover on Friday, March 16.

The kitten, who was christened Azula by new owner David Montalvan, was born without any paws. The condition didn’t stop the little one from marching her way into the hearts of the staff at the Bay Ridge Animal Hospital and of course, Montalvan.

Azula was brought to the hospital after she was abandoned by previous owners in a vacant apartment. Andria Ayoub, an employee of Bay Ridge Animal Hospital, described Azula, as a very “vocal cat, who will show you her belly in .2 seconds.” The adorable animal is active and enjoys jumping in and out of cardboard boxes, says Ayoub.

The kitten now has two canine siblings, River and Lucy, and a lot of love and attention. “She is a really good cat. She is perfect. She likes to play. She runs around all over the place,” gushed Jackie Montalvan of the family’s new addition.

Even River and Lucy couldn’t be happier with their new kitten. “At first they were curious, they are still curious. Every now and then they sniff her. Everything is pretty harmonious,” described Montalvan of the canine/feline interactions.

The decision to adopt Azula, was easy, explained Montalvan, “We saw her at the event and she was so pretty. We couldn’t understand why no one wanted her. We are really happy that she is with us. She is very lovable.” It all adds up to a very happy ending for a persevering kitten and her new family.

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