Art Goes Mobile With ArtMoves

A new, mobile art gallery has invigorated the streets of Brooklyn — and it all started in a small ice cream truck!

Andrew Cotton, CEO and co-founder of ArtMoves, found himself intrigued by the art he saw outside public New York City arenas when he moved to America nine years ago. “I thought it was interesting; we didn’t have that in the UK,” said Cotton.

Inspired by the generous access to art around the city and the galleries to which he had been exposed, Cotton collaborated with a childhood friend, and decided to create a moving art venue that would grant city residents and tourists with magnificent displays of not only his own work, but the work of independent artists around the city.

“It’s been evolving very organically, but we’re still in the early stages of our work,” explained Cotton. “But it is going very well.”

ArtMoves appears to ground its foundation in creativity and innovation. It started 18 months ago in an old food trailer, which had once served as an ice cream truck. Determined to solidify his vision, Cotton and his friend “gutted it, painted it, and turned it into a rolling gallery studio space.” Since then, ArtMoves has received a tremendous response from visitors.

“We have a bright future ahead of us,” said Cotton. “We plan to do projects with other artists, host charity auctions and other fund raisers, and continue to provide people with a forum where they have access to great art.”

To find where the ArtMoves truck will be next, visit

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