Muffin’s Pet Connection: Week of September 6

WOOF WOOF: EMERGENCY…My Iscis, a very friendly, three-year old, mush face pit mix, is great with kids and people and is literally a house dog; she does not go out. I have four kids and she has been with them since she was six weeks old.

“I would love to keep her, but I live in housing and was sent to court for breach of my lease; no Pits or dogs over 20 pounds are allowed in the building. I have been looking for a home for weeks. I am pregnant, there is not much traveling I can do with her.

“Non-kill shelters are all full; her time is running out. I have until Tuesday to find a home for her or I will be in jeopardy of losing my apartment. Is there any help you can give me? Please call Jennifer at 347-259-7803. Thank you very much.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — August 31, 2012 — CONTACT: Jennifer DeFrank,

917-273-7526, Brooklyn, New York-based City Pitties and Charles Henderson Animal Rescue, in collaboration with the ASPCA and Bronx County District Attorney’s Office

These wiggly, family-friendly puppies were born into evidence from one of the 50 pit bulls seized in a Bronx dog fighting set up, the largest such bust in over two years. Males ElstonMickey, BuckyBabe and Rickey are three months old and available for adoption.

These puppies received inoculations and stellar assessments from ASPCA behaviorists. Our goal is to successfully place the pups as we continue socialization, training, and rehabilitation in foster homes under the auspices of seasoned shelter director, rescuer and certified dog trainer, Charles Henderson and City Pitties Partner Tavi & Friends TTouch 4 Rescue™ program. For more information, please visit and



DATES: Friday, September 7, Dyker Beach Dog Park 86th Street; and Thursday, September 13, Seventh Avenue Animal Kind, 365 Seventh Avenue.


AND THE DRUM ROLL PLEASETHE WINNER of The Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator’s cutest pet contest is SWIMMING LOLA, the adorable pooch, who swam off with a $50 gift certificate from Paws Truly, 7607 Third Avenue.

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