MTA: MetroCards To Be Used As Ad Space

The trademark yellow-and-blue MetroCard has been replaced with a solidly blue card that screams “BE BRIGHT NYC.”

It is the product of the latest initiative by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to raise revenue – the first of its kind to use the entire MetroCard as ad space (previously, only portions of the back could be used).

The ad for the clothing store, GAP, currently graces the front of the card, while city health insurance program, Health Plus, will soon occupy the back.

According to the New York Times, only 10 percent of cards sold will have the ads, and they will only be available at 10 locations around the city, chosen based on proximity to the advertiser’s business – in this case, GAP’s flagship store at 34th Street and Broadway, where cardholders will get 20 percent off their purchase.

The next round of ads will hit the streets in December and January.

Check out the new GAP ad on MetroCards. What do you think of it?

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