Caesar’s Bay suffers from Sandy’s wrath

UPDATE: Beginning on Wednesday, November 21, the Toys R Us in Caesar’s Bay will be operating out of two temporary locations, just in time for the holiday shopping rush.

One store is located within the shopping center itself and the other is a temporary structure in the parking lot.

The temporary building will provide gifts such as electronics and entertainment items, bikes, sporting goods, dolls, games and action figures.

The permanent Toys R Us and Babies R Us Stores on Bay Parkway sustained significant damage, according to a corporate spokesperson and those locations will be reopened sometime in 2013.


Hurricane Sandy spared much of Southwest Brooklyn, but had no mercy on Ceasar’s Bay.

The storm surge not only destroyed 200 feet of seawall near Bay Parkway, it devastated the large retailers, including Kohl’s, Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us.

Those buildings were flooded with seawater and engineers are currently assessing the damage.

However, other retailers such as Wendy’s, HSBC Bank, Best Buy, Modell’s Sporting Goods, Pizza D’Amore are open for business.

Jen Johnson, a spokesperson for Kohl’s, said that the conditions were still being investigated, but officials had not determined the extent of the damage as of press time.

A temporary structure is currently being built to house Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us, just in time for the holiday shopping rush.

Some contended that the closure will affect the local economy in a big way.

“Pressure has to be put on area elected [officials] because people have to go back to work,” commented Marnee Elias-Pavia, district manager of Community Board 11, at the November monthly meeting.

“All of their money is made within the next two months. There is no way it’s opening before Christmas,” contended Community Board 11 Chair Bill Guarinello. “There is still water running under those buildings.”

The closure is frustrating to shoppers, as well. “People are suffering and I shouldn’t complain because I didn’t suffer any damage, but this is going to be very inconvenient for me,” said one Bath Beach shopper. “I am going to miss Kohl’s and all the bargains. I don’t want travel into Staten Island and will have to shop online or use another store. I don’t know where I am going to go now.”

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