Dyker Heights Civic Association honors two outstanding community members

The Dyker Heights Civic Association celebrated its 84th anniversary on October 25 with an evening filled with dinner, music and dancing.

Founded in 1928, the association at its annual event honored two community members, Ann Falutico and Louis Trimboli, who have contributed their time and effort, selflessly, for a number of years.

“Both of these people are very giving and humble,” noted Fran Vella-Marrone, president of the civic association. “They are not looking to be recognized,” she went on, but added that it is important that they get the acknowledgement for the remarkable work that they do.

Falutico, a Dyker Heights architect who has been involved with non-profit groups such as the Guild for Exceptional Children and BRAVO volunteer ambulance, among others, was described by Vella-Marrone as an active and productive member of society.

Trimboli is active with the area’s community emergency response team, CERT 1 and is president of the 62nd Precinct Community Council. With Hurricane Sandy now pounding the area, He’s probably out there trying to help others, Vella-Marrone added.

Both, stressed Vella-Marrone, are the type of people who are out there contributing and serving the community on a regular basis.” Whether it’s a “natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy,” or a “terrorist attack,” stated Vella-Marrone, “they’re out there, running around.”

The dinner was held at Sirico’s, 8015 13th Avenue.

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