From the other side of the curtain

The term “community” in “community theater” extends far beyond its surface definition, and Narrows Community Theater’s triumph in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in its current production, “Crazy for You,” is a testament to that unparalleled dedication and camaraderie that made performing in it such a rewarding experience.

After Hurricane Sandy left the subway system in shambles, the rehearsal schedule underwent a hiatus and the Fort Hamilton Army Base Theater, the show’s original “home,” became a service station for hurricane victims.

This setback did not dishearten the cast and crew of “Crazy for You,” however. In spite of the production’s relocation to Saint Patrick’s School, the cast and crew mustered up every ounce of strength they had to re-stage each scene and, more importantly, travel from Manhattan to Brooklyn with minimal subway service and gas availability.

But what was most remarkable about these setbacks was the commitment each cast and crew member invested in the show. Journeying across the Brooklyn Bridge, waiting two hours for shuttle and express buses, and housing Manhattan residents who couldn’t make it back to their homes in the city, the cast and crew of “Crazy for You” joined hands and “muddled through” hardship. “Crazy for You” evolved into not only a magnificent production, but a true display of collaboration and teamwork.

That said, it has been a distinct privilege to be a cast member in this production. There is nothing more uplifting, inspirational and warming than the support of a cast and crew that is there to catch you when you fall.

Even more, the optimism and determination each member maintained in the face of adversity bore us through an otherwise grueling week of revamping set changes, choreography, staging and more.

Having surmounted a hurricane, a last-minute change in venue, a blizzard and limited means of transportation, “Crazy for You” has transformed into “The Little Show that Could” and heralded success.

I am proud of the cast and crew and profoundly grateful for an opportunity to work with such a talented, steadfast, and supportive group of people, who, over the last month, became a second family to me.

Come see “Crazy for You” for its last weekend performances: Friday, November 16th (8 p.m.), Saturday, November 17th (8 p.m.) and Sunday, November 18th (2 p.m.).

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