Candlelight vigil held in honor of MLK

Bay Ridge held a solemn candlelight vigil in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the evening of Monday, January 21.

The event was held in coordination with Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and the Bay Ridge Peace Coalition.

“It was very beautiful. We had an eclectic group of Bay Ridge people from the Lutheran and Methodist community and the [greater community],” explained David Rommereim, pastor of Good Shepherd. “Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a unique opportunity to gather together for peace. It’s always meaningful and helpful.”

Rommereim said that the group decided to not give any speeches or sing any songs.

“It wasn’t necessary. We just wanted to be together with the symbol of candle light,” he said.

For an hour, about a dozen Ridgeites held battery-lit candles and honored the memory of the civil rights activist.

“We just want to keep this vigil for peace active in Bay Ridge,” Rommereim said.

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