Larry Morrish’s Unsung Bay Ridge: Local angels


I was encouraged by my neighbor, Susan Brownth Street, to see the 20 angels Gretchen Booth had erected in her front yard as a memorial to those fallen angels in the Newtown tragedy.

I was touched by Gretchen’s display, and my admiration only grew when I learned that this is a part of what she does to help revive the activities of the Alliance of Bay Ridge Block Associations that once boasted over 60 active blocks ( initiated by the late Rosemarie O’Keefe to maintain the beauty of our blocks).

Gretchen gets together with her neighbors to coordinate block parties, display American flags and participate in other activities which help to maintain the warmth and patriotic energy of her block. She is also very active in the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, where she helps coordinate many of their activities.

UNSUNG HEALTH TIPS: Folk remedies that help to keep us healthy

Raw onions for sore throat: The moment you feel it coming on, make a sandwich with lots of raw onions on whatever meat you choose. Throughout the day, eat onions on food.

Cayenne pepper for migraines: Sufferers have claimed that a cocktail of one cup hot water, a dash of lemon, honey, and one teaspoon cayenne, sipped slowly, instantly relieved stubborn migraine headaches.

Vinegar wraps for arthritis: A folk remedy from the 1800s is to have a very warm bath and immediately after, place two thin cotton dish towels in a warm 50/50 apple cider vinegar/water mix. Wring out and wrap the knee before wrapping again with dry towels. Pin to keep in place.

Please consult your doctor if you are on any medication.

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