STAR OF BROOKLYN: Dominick Sarta

Community Involvement: Dominick Sarta has a strong connection with the community he has lived in since he was eight years old. Recently, Sarta has become more involved in the community, by being named co-president of the 13th Avenue Merchants Association just last year, and co-chair of a number of events during the Christmas season, sponsored by his business, Sarta Realty.

“I don’t do this for advertisement,” said Sarta. “I do it for the community, out of personal reasons.”

Sarta and the merchants association are currently working on creating a Business Improvement District along the stretch of 13th Avenue in Dyker Heights. “We’re pushing forward in the community,” said Sarta. “I grew up in this neighborhood. I want to keep it the same for my kids.”

Already Sarta’s kids showing signs of community involvement; his oldest son, only seven, is interested in attending meetings and events. “The family gets involved,” Sarta said.

Career: Though Sarta began his career by studying architecture, his greatest achievement is turning his father’s business first into a contracting firm, and then into the realty office it is today. “I grew this business for the family,” said Sarta. “I hope my kids will continue it.”

Personal life: For Sarta, his business is personal. “I was raised in this business by my dad. It makes sure the family stays together,” said Sarta. “We never fall behind; we always move forward.”

Biggest Challenge: “The everyday challenges of being self-employed,” are Sarta’s greatest difficulties, he said. “Knowing how to separate business from family when you run your own business is difficult, but you need to put certain things aside.”

Motivation: Sarta is most inspired by the accomplishments of his father. “He came here as an immigrant, he started a small business that grew, and sent us to college,” said Sarta. “Seeing someone who came with nothing grow into something bigger,” is his motivation in all that he does.

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