Churches come together in preparation for Easter

In an effort to bring all Christians together in preparation for Easter, Pastor Craig Miller of Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church and James Keane, a Eucharistic Minister at the Episcopalian Christ Church in Bay Ridge, are inviting local residents to “share their different traditions,” with one another during Lent.

“When we started the program, we wanted to offer people a chance to pray in the different churches and experience a different flavor of what the other churches are doing,” said Miller, who along Monsignor Guy Massie of Saint Andrew’s Catholic Church started the initiative. When Massie retired, a year ago, Keane succeeded him as co-chair with Miller, continuing the tradition.

“The programs give residents an opportunity to worship God according to several traditions in an expression of unity within diversity,” said Keane.

Presbyterian, Episcopal, Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Greek Orthodox Christians will be hosting services in their respective churches.

“Everyone is invited to any [church],” Miller added. The congregations involved are Christ Church, 7301 Ridge Boulevard; Saint Andrew the Apostle, 6713 Ridge Boulevard; Visitation Academy [monastery], 8902 Ridge Boulevard; Saint John’s Episcopal Church, 9818 Fort Hamilton Pkwy; and Our Saviour’s, 414 80th Street.

“We wouldn’t keep doing it [if it wasn’t successful],” the pastor explained. For four Sundays, from February 17 through March 17, the Lenten liturgies will take place, starting at 3 p.m.

Attendance has varied from 30 to 40 people, to a large crowd of 1,000 people in the past, explained Miller.

For more information, contact Miller at [email protected] or Keane at [email protected].

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