COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Renee Dorsa believes wholeheartedly in community-building volunteer efforts. She holds dear the belief that the community is truly an extension of one’s family.

“We all start with blood relatives,” she said, “but when we involve ourselves in the community our family grows to include all ethnic backgrounds, religions and belief systems.”

Dorsa became president of the Bay Ridge Community Council in June, and since then has tried to give back to the community she has been a part of since her childhood. To this end she has made it her goal to create a “a safer, friendly, social and fun neighborhood to live in.”

CAREER: Helping others has not just affected Dorsa’s volunteer efforts, but has been a guiding force and the crux of her career as well.

“I love helping people,” she said simply. Over the years her various lines of work have taken her different places, but she has always tried to “give 100 percent” to everyone she has come into contact with.

After years of working as a legal secretary on Wall Street, Dorsa moved to Miami and opened her own beauty salon. Both those experiences, she said, “made me stronger and helped me grow as I adapted to change and unforeseen events.”

Missing her family, friends and home, Dorsa moved back to Bay Ridge where she started her own real estate firm, which quickly became a great passion for her.

“I am constantly becoming more educated in the industry to advance with the times so that I can be a true resource of information and knowledge for my clients,” she said.

PERSONAL LIFE: Dorsa was born and raised in Bay Ridge. She received the Top Woman in Business Award from The Queens Courier in 2011 and a year later from The Home Reporter. She is passionate about travel, nature and dancing, and considers her husband Dominick Ali, friends, family, and two Pomeranians to be the true sources of happiness in her life.

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