Bachelor Auction for Frankie’s Mission: Hunks “sold” for a good cause

A plastic surgeon, a NYPD detective, a model and actor, attorneys with their own firm before the age of 30—22 were bachelors up for grabs in a single room full of excited women willing to empty their pocketbooks for a good cause.

That’s what the bachelor auction promised on Thursday night, March 14, when the community got together to bid on successful, handsome men who signed up for the fun, looking to meet their potential wives, or at least hoping to do so, while helping out those in need.

The second annual bachelor auction raised triple than the intended goal, said Camille Loccisano, founder of the Francesco Loccisano Foundation, which helps families in financial distress who are dealing with expensive cancer treatments.

The bidding for bachelor Nick Sarta, a 29-year-old lawyer from Dyker Heights, stirred up a fierce battle between young ladies who were ready to do anything to get a date with the good-looking Brooklynite. Alexandria Marinello, from Mill Basin, accompanied by her friends and sister, paid up to $550 for Sarta, turning him into the costliest bachelor of the night.

“I just don’t like to lose,” Marinello exclaimed.

Who knows how much more she would’ve chipped in if the bids kept rising?

Sarta, who knows the Loccisano family, says they’re good people—“I’m willing and ready to go,” he noted, before the fun started. “I’ll stick a foot in and give a helping hand.”

Another of the bachelors, 37-year-old detective Reiner Fehrenbach who’s been in the force for 15 years, said he read the story about Frankie Loccisano, and “it sold me on it,” he remarked.

“I’m glad I’m here so we can generate a lot of money for this organization.”

Anthony Bruno, Lucy’s Bruno son, co-founder of the memorial foundation, was also amongst the bachelors. Liam McCabe – an aide to Republican Congressmember Michael Grimm — and Andrew Gounardes, a former Democratic State Senate candidate — added a little political interest to the night.

Some women even “bought” two men, such as Justine Kuhn, a carpenter, who never dated a doctor before, but bid on the “handy” plastic surgeon because she considered him to be “very handsome.”

Smart, witty and generous, Dr. “Robby” was sold for $250.

“Let’s reflect on why we’re here,” said Loccisano, mentioning her beloved older son’s name-Frankie-and his legacy. “We’re able to help so many families because you’re seated in your seats tonight, so let’s have fun and it all done!”

The anticipated oldest bachelor, Rocco Steo, 87, got sick and couldn’t make it. Also invited, but unable to attend because he was in Washington D.C was Grimm.

Of all the events held in honor of Frankie, the bachelor auction is one of the most enjoyable, according to Marianne Teta, secretary of the memorial foundation.

Tickets sold for $75 for what was an interesting evening filled with laughter.

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