CD Review: “Non Merci” by Melissa Czarnik

A surprising, fluid mixture of simple yet catchy beats accompanied by the skillful voice of a female emcee, Melissa Czarnik’s self-released thirdalbum, Non Merci, encompasses a wide range of musical styles.

With soothing undertones in songs like, “Rummy” and “With My Tongue,” Czarnik creates an almost lullaby aspect fused together with a hip-hop sound and skillful lyrics.

Hyperdrive Motivator Productions, Czarnik’s self-made label, released the album in September of 2012. Recorded in France, hints of the culture and European vibes are detectable within a number of songs. “Pina Bausch” and “C’est La Vie,” in particular.

While not for everyone, this versatile artist has acquired an exceptional fan base and is consistent with the flow of Brooklyn, where she now resides. Keeping with the tradition of  a unique, foreign sound and a home-made feel, Czarnik’s work is admirable.

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