Kohl’s to re-open April 7

Attention shoppers!

After being severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy, the Kohl’s Ceasar’s Bay store will re-open on Sunday, April 7. A spokesperson for the beloved super store said that details will be available within the coming week.

Back when Sandy hit on October 30, the storm surge not only destroyed 200 feet of seawall, but completely flooded the store with seawater. Engineers spent weeks assessing the damage and months repairing the store.

Shoppers said the opening could not come soon enough.

Ridgeite Susan Huizinga shrieked with joy when she heard the news. “People here are suffering without Kohl’s. I am not kidding,” she said. “My husband hates shopping and he shops there. You walk in and everything is neat and clean. When they have specials, they are great prices and it’s a pleasant shopping experience. I even got my favorite coat there. I am very happy.”

Eileen LaRuffa, who lives in Bensonhurst, agreed. “I can’t wait for it to open. At least we have somewhere to shop at. The prices are great and with all the coupons, forget it,” she told this paper.” It’s really something that’s needed in the community, we don’t have enough.”

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