Morrish a 2013 Pioneer of Third Avenue Merchants

The Home Reporter’s weekly columnist, Larry Morrish, who writes about the people, places and things below the radar that positively impact Bay Ridge, will be honored by the Third Avenue Merchants later this year as one of the organization’s 2013 Pioneers.

“He lives and breathes Bay Ridge,” said Chuck Otey, marketing director of the merchant group, and also involved in the process of choosing the honorees.

“In 20 years, it’s the first time that we did it this early,” Otey explained, adding that he considers Morrish the “most intense and consistent community leader who’s done everything he could to develop the community over the last 40 years.”

Morrish, born and raised in Bay Ridge, was an early aid to the Ragamuffin Parade committee; in fact, he was the parade’s chair for 16 years. He started the Bay Ridge Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and has been actively involved in community clean-ups for years.

“He’s somebody who is devoted to the community,” stressed Otey.

Morrish, excited as ever, said that being named a Pioneer was a “big honor” for him and that it “caught him off guard.

“These are my friends and they’re all sincere,” he remarked about the merchants, saying that they’ve supported him and his efforts on behalf of the military over the 20 years that he’s known them. “We’ve all been together and we’ve all been there.”

The Bay Ridgeite announced that he is currently working on something new to bring to Fifth Avenue. He isn’t ready to announce what it is yet, but promises it will “be big.

“Bay Ridge was rated number one; that’s an award we all earned,” he concluded.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the Pioneers. Usually, between four to six people are honored; this year, the merchants are planning to celebrate between six and eight individuals who have made a contribution to the avenue and the neighborhood.

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