CityParks Senior Fitness program begins at South Oxford Park

Brooklyn’s South Oxford Park and Marine Park will play host to free tennis lessons, yoga instruction, and fitness walking for senior citizens this summer, courtesy of CityParks Senior Fitness program. The eight-week fitness program runs from April 28 through June 21.

The Brooklyn schedule is as follows:

  • Marine Park
    Tennis – Tuesdays/Thursdays at 11 AM – Tennis Courts – Ave S & E 32nd St
    Yoga – Mondays/Wednesdays at 9 AM – Nature Center – Ave U & E 32nd St
  • South Oxford Park
    Yoga – Mondays/Wednesdays at 11 AM – S. Oxford St & Atlantic Ave

Hundreds of seniors participate each year at 13 city parks. The workouts are helpful to people’s physical, as well as mental, health, since the classes foster social interaction and camaraderie.

The City Parks Foundation and city Parks Department notes that “even in moderate amounts, exercise can help participants feel better, maintain or lose weight, reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes, and minimize the symptoms of arthritis.”

For more information about City Parks Foundation’s free Seniors Fitness programs, please call the Sports Department at (718) 760-6999. All equipment and instruction is provided free of charge.  Sessions are one hour, twice a week.

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