Cops awarded for collaring creep

A detective and a sergeant from the 62nd Precinct were honored as Cops of the Month for April at the 62nd Precinct Community Council meeting, held at the station house on Tuesday, April 16.

Special Operations Lieutenant Jim Guercio – who is retiring next month – explained that Sergeant David Poggioli of the anti-crime unit and Detective Alicia Bobrowska responded to a radio call involving a cell phone robbery on Wednesday, April 10 at 10:15 p.m. at Kings Highway and West Ninth Street.

Once they arrived, the two officers learned that a 15-year-old white Hispanic male had had his phone stolen from his hand. Knowing this was a robbery pattern, the officers got a description of the perp from the victim and combed the area of Kings Highway. About an hour later, they noticed a group of people arguing inside the lobby of a building at 1906 West Ninth Street.

“When they approached them, they were able to deduct that one individual, separated him and called for back-up,” Guercio explained.

The victim positively identified the suspect, who was arrested. His cell phone was recovered in a building on Bay Parkway.

The alleged perp, 31-year-old Michael Herbert, has a lengthy arrest history, including robberies and burglaries.

Guercio said that thanks to the work of Poggioli and Bobrowska, he is off the streets.

“That’s why they deserve to be April Cops of the Month,” he said,

In addition, Deputy Inspector James Rooney, commanding officer of the 62nd Precinct, warned of a grand larceny pattern involving Asian senior citizens.

“Asian females are accosting seniors leaving shopping areas. So far, there have been five incidents going back to December 6. Citywide, there are 50 incidents,” Rooney explained, adding that someone was arrested last week by the 109th Precinct in Queens, wanted in connection with a crime that happened in the 62nd Precinct.

Typically, the con artists tell the seniors that if they hand over all their valuables, they will be given a special blessing for good health. When the senior gives them their belongings, the suspects switch their property for paper or other items, giving that back and telling them that they are now blessed. The victim does not realize he or she has been robbed until returning home.

“Education is important. We are talking about a lot of money [being stolen] and more than one team [committing crimes],” Rooney said, adding that the individual who is targeted is “often someone isolated that doesn’t speak the language.”

The next 62nd Precinct Community Council meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 14 at 7:30 p.m. at the station house on the corner of Bath Avenue and Bay 22nd Street.

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