Friday night fever

It was a very groovy night in Mill Basin on Friday, March 15, when Our Lady of Grace School hosted its annual “It Ain’t Just 70s” Dance at El Caribe Country Club. The proceeds went to the school while attendees enjoyed cocktail hour, dinner and dancing along with an open bar.

This event has become very popular in the last 11 years, and according to Joanne Roca, who helped coordinate the event, 80 percent of the people in attendance have been coming each year.

“When they’re here eating and dancing,” she explained, “they’re already asking about next year’s event! People love it. The food this year was excellent. Everything at the El Caribe is phenomenal.”

People may come for the good food, but they stay for the dancing, which is a hit every year, according to Roca.

“I love the music; the dancing was fantastic,” she said. “It brings us back and everybody has a great time.”

She’s not the only one. “We played music from the ‘70s to today. In addition, we did not have a live act as in past years, which allowed for five hours of non-stop dancing,” said Dean Delianites, co-chair of the fundraising committee. “The school’s principal was receiving phone calls the following Monday raving about the dance!”

Delianites called the reaction of this year’s attendees “amazing,” citing the dancing as one of the main reasons the event turned out so well.

This year, about 200 people came to eat and dance for a good cause. The money raised goes towards making sure tuition prices at Our Lady of Grace do not need to increase every year.

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