Muffin’s Pet Connection: Figaro needs a home

MEEEOW MEEEEOW…JUDE HELP: Figaro is a very sweet, adorable adult cat, friendly, with a charming personality. He is neutered and vaccinated. More than a few people who claim not to like cats normally say that he is an exception.

“I have a somewhat typical story of being left custody after a relationship ended. It was actually great at first, but I had started work in the film industry and once my career picked up, it became all 12 to 14 hour shifts per day on film sets, four to six days a week.

In the past two years, I’ve begun traveling extensively for work and cannot regularly afford someone to look after him. Most recently, my girlfriend is deathly allergic, which has made things that much harder. It’s become extremely difficult for me to take care of Figaro and with how little I get to see him anyway, I have been thinking that someone else could provide a better home.

“I hope that you or someone you know might be able to help connect me with some way of finding the right home for someone who deserves it very much.”

Please contact Brooklyn Animal Foster Network, Mention Muffin’s in The Home Reporter.


HEY JUDE: Please help…this torture is barbaric. My heart hurts. Just recently, I adopted a seven-month-old Pit mix puppy/dog from a local rescue group, and I am forever in love with my new friend. But, I read something very disturbing.

“As of 2012, Mary Kay started testing its products on animals in China. This is senseless abuse to innocent animals. In the 21st century, there are alternatives to animal testing. HUMANS ARE NOT THE SAME AS ANIMALS. Our DNA is different; our skin texture is different. We do not have fur!

“Why is Mary Kay still testing products on animals? Please tell everyone to sign this petition and pass it around. This is very important.” — Bea, Bensonhurst.

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DEAR JUDE: “I love animals, but from a safe distance. A shepherd bit me when I was a kid. I avoid all dogs now. What should I do? This is limiting my social life. Dogs are everywhere.” — Wimpy, Brooklyn.

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