Adopt a furry friend

Come adopt a furry companion at Love Wanted Adoptions’ upcoming event! Over the past eight and a half years, founder Mary Jo Tobin has made over 1,800 matches that were seemingly made in doggie heaven.

The next adoption event will take place June 22, at Trinity Church at 91st Street and Third Avenue, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“These animals are so wonderful, and people are hesitant to adopt shelter pets, but if they gave adoption a chance, they would be surprised,” Tobin said.

Tobin practices what she preaches: as the owner of three rescue dogs, she has had her share of pleasant surprises. Her most recent addition, Gracie, had been a puppy mill mommy, used for breeding for four years. Tobin described Gracie as “depressed,” and was dismayed when “no one looked at her or gave her a chance.”

Although Tobin didn’t need a third dog, she couldn’t leave Gracie behind. Tobin took the chance she had hoped another would, and was delighted when the shy, reserved Gracie “blossomed into the most amazing dog.”

What many don’t realize is that adoption not only means saving the life of an abused animal, it is also a more economical alternative for prospective pet owners. All animals are vaccinated, spayed and neutered, saving adopters hundreds of dollars’ worth of veterinary procedures.

There are countless options available at the adoption event; there are dogs and cats of all ages, purebreds and mutts, and there were even three bunnies available at the past event.

As Tobin discovered firsthand, “If you take a risk it can have a huge payoff.”

Help Mary Jo Tobin meet her goal of finding a loving home for 2,000 rescue animals, and meet your new best friend, by making adoption your first option on June 22.

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